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Tips on Using Apache BuildBot for OpenJPA Documentation Build

Get Help from Infrastructure team

  • Open a JIRA issue in [] to request for:

    • new requirements and set up for the build system

    • creating new build queue

Start IRC to openjpa-bot server

Get Help

Enter> openjpa-bot: help
openjpa-bot Get help on what? (try 'help <foo>', or 'commands' for a command list)

Enter> openjpa-bot: commands
openjpa-bot buildbot commands: commands, dance, destroy, excited, force, hello, help, \
    last, list, mute, notify, source, status, stop, unmute, version, watch

Enter> openjpa-bot: help force
openjpa-bot Usage: force build [--branch=branch] [--revision=revision] [--props=prop1=val1,prop2=val2...] \
    <which> <reason> - Force a build

Get BuildBot status

Enter> openjpa-bot: status    
openjpa-bot openjpa-1.0.x-docs: idle, last build 7h21m20s ago: failed
openjpa-bot openjpa-1.2.x-docs: idle, last build 7h23m18s ago: build successful
openjpa-bot openjpa-1.3.x-docs: idle, last build 7h30m12s ago: build successful
openjpa-bot openjpa-2.0.x-docs: idle, last build 7h37m27s ago: build successful
openjpa-bot openjpa-2.1.x-docs: idle, last build 7h46m19s ago: build successful
openjpa-bot openjpa-2.2.1.x-docs: idle, last build 8h09m07s ago: build successful
openjpa-bot openjpa-2.2.x-docs: idle, last build 7h56m22s ago: build successful
openjpa-bot openjpa-trunk-docs: idle, last build 8h22m07s ago: build successful

Submit build

Enter> openjpa-bot: force build openjpa-1.0.x-docs "a description here....."    
openjpa-bot build #35 forced
openjpa-bot I'll give a shout when the build finishes
openjpa-bot build #35 of openjpa-1.0.x-docs is complete: Success [build successful] \
    Build details are at
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