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Source Code

OpenJPA uses gitbox, two-master setup of git repositories, allowing committers to utilize two different avenues of committing code to the Apache Software Foundation; through GitHub or through the ASF. All repositories present on gitbox are available on GitHub with write-access enabled, including rights to open/close/merge pull requests and address issues.

Web Access

The source code for OpenJPA can be freely browsed at:

Anonymous access

OpenJPA source can be checked out anonymously with this command:

$> git clone


$> git clone


$> git clone

Developer Access

OpenJPA committers are allowed to push commits against gitbox via their own ASF account.
Before being able to push against GitHub, respective accounts must be linked together via the account linking service.

For anyone, the GitHub repository can be cloned and pull requests can be submitted: contributions are always welcome!

Compiling Source

Once you've got the code you'll probably want to build it; for instructions see Building .

We also have Automated Builds setup for several branches of OpenJPA.

Source Coding Standards

The community has agreed upon some common code formatting standards, which we request that everyone follows when contributing patches and checking in changes to the svn repository. Some of these are enforced during the build, like 120 character line length by using the Checkstyle plugin and checking for required Apache License, v2.0 source headers by using the apache-rat plugin. Please checkout the Coding Standards page for more details.

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