Package org.apache.openjpa.meta

OpenJPA Metadata


Interface Summary
AbstractCFMetaDataFactory.Parser Internal parser interface.
AbstractCFMetaDataFactory.Serializer Internal serializer interface.
MetaDataContext Allows us to access configuration through metadata in a generic way.
MetaDataDefaults Populates new metadata with default values.
MetaDataFactory The MetaDataRepository uses implementations of this interface to load and store metadata.
MetaDataModes Mode constants used to track the initialization status of metadata.
Order Order a field.
SequenceMetaData.SequenceFactory Allow facades to supply adapters from a spec sequence type to the OpenJPA sequence type.
ValueMetaData Holds metadata on a value; this could be a field value, key value, or element value.
XMLMetaData Describe metadata about an xml type.

Class Summary
AbstractCFMetaDataFactory Base class for factory implementations built around XML metadata files in the common fomat.
AbstractMetaDataDefaults Abstract metadata defaults.
AbstractMetaDataFactory Abstract MetaDataFactory that provides default implementations of many methods.
ClassMetaData Contains metadata about a persistent type.
DelegatingMetaDataFactory Base class for factory instances that use a delegate.
Extensions Vendor extensions.
FetchGroup Captures fetch group metadata.
FieldMetaData Metadata for a managed class field.
FieldMetaData.MemberProvider Serializable wrapper around a Method or Field.
InheritanceComparator Comparator that keeps classes in inheritance order.
JavaTypes Type constants for managed fields.
LifecycleMetaData Information about lifecycle events for a managed type.
MetaDataInheritanceComparator Comparator that keeps metadatas in inheritance order.
MetaDataRepository Repository of and factory for persistent metadata.
MetaDataTool Tool for generating default metadata.
MetaDataTool.Flags Run flags.
NoneMetaDataFactory No-op metadata I/O to prevent attempts to load other classes.
NonPersistentMetaData Metadata about a persistence-aware type.
QueryMetaData Holds metadata about named queries.
SequenceMetaData Metadata about a named sequence.
UpdateStrategies Strategies for persistent value updates.
ValueMetaDataImpl Default ValueMetaData implementation.
ValueStrategies Strategies for persistent value generation.
XMLFieldMetaData Contains metadata about an xml element or attribute

Package org.apache.openjpa.meta Description

OpenJPA Metadata

This package provides an extendable framework for parsing and caching persistence metadata. The metadata can be accessed at both enhancement time and at runtime.

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