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Announcing the OpenJPA Logo Contest

  • Submissions accepted through June 30, 2009*
  • Round 1 Voting runs from July 1 through July 8*
  • Round 2 Voting runs from July 9 through July 14*
  • New - Run-off Voting runs from July 15 through July 21*
  • Winner Will be announced on or after July 22*

Contest Rules

  • Submission Guidelines:
    • Anyone can submit one or more logos, as long as they own the IP rights.
    • All submissions must be licensed as ALv2 .
    • Submitted designs must include a logo for the website banner, which should be no more than 150 pixels high and 500 pixels wide.
    • Images should be submitted in PNG (preferred) or JPG format and optionally in other formats (like PSD for future editing/resizing.)
    • Submissions can be made by:
      • Editing this wiki page and adding your logo (only available to OpenJPA contributors and committers)
      • Provide a URL to the files on a public website
      • Attached to OPENJPA-1134 JIRA
      • Submitted by email to with a subject header that starts with [LOGO](logo.html) so they can be added to this page.
  • Voting:
    • Will occur from July 1 through July 14 and may include multiple rounds of voting.
      • Initial Round - July 1 through 23:59 GMT on July 9
      • Finalist Round (top 5) - July 10 through 23:59 GMT on July 14
      • Run-off Round (if final vote ends in a tie) - July 15 through 23:59 GMT on July 21
    • Anyone can submit a vote, but the OpenJPA PMC will have the final say on which logo is selected.
    • Vote on your top three choices (or less) but you cannot vote for the same logo for multiple choices (like first, second and third.)
      • First = 3 pts.
      • Second = 2 pts.
      • Third = 1 pt.
  • Winner:
    • Will be announced on or after July 15 and will be expected to have a CLA on file with the ASF before their logo will be used.
    • Attribution will be in the form of a news posting, email announcement to the OpenJPA mailing lists and inclusion on the website Thanks page.

Logo Submissions

The results of the first round of voting can be found at - OpenJPA Logo Contest - Round 1

The results of the second round of voting can be found at - OpenJPA Logo Contest - Round 2

The results of the run-off round of voting can be found at - OpenJPA Logo Contest - Run-off

The winning logo was:

The logo has been attached to OPENJPA-1134 by Donald, who is an OpenJPA committer, using Apache License, v2.0.

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