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OpenJPA 3.0.x

The Apache OpenJPA community is currently working on Apache OpenJPA 3.0.0.

This distribution is based on the final JSR 338 Java Persistence API, Version 2.2 specification.

Additional information on the OpenJPA project may be found at the project web site.

Changes in OpenJPA 3.0.0


  • [OPENJPA-2663] - cleanup ConcreteClassGenerator and move to ASM


  • [OPENJPA-2300] - AnnotationProcessor shows warnings when executed on Java 7 sources
  • [OPENJPA-2646] - Sporadic NullPointerException occurs under heavy load when QuerySQLCache is enabled.
  • [OPENJPA-2658] - TestQueryTimeout test is broken
  • [OPENJPA-2672] - ConfigurationImpl.loadGlobals() has java.util.ConcurrentModificationException vulnerability
  • [OPENJPA-2674] - JarFile is not closed
  • [OPENJPA-2675] - Missing check for null parameter in equals()
  • [OPENJPA-2676] - openjpa relies on default locale
  • [OPENJPA-2684] - Persistence entities not recognized in Wildfly 10 if in a JAR
  • [OPENJPA-2689] - Calling setFixedCHAR on newer Oracle JDBC drivers fails with an IllegalAccessException
  • [OPENJPA-2690] - Update OSGi Import-Package to support Oracle CLOB/BLOB
  • [OPENJPA-2691] - OracleDictionary should use non Deprecated method of empty_lob
  • [OPENJPA-2698] - Query cache incorrectly handles parameters for BETWEEN expressions
  • [OPENJPA-2725] - fix ConcurrentModificationException during unrefed dependents cleanup

New Feature

  • [OPENJPA-2592] - JPA 2.1 stored procedure support
  • [OPENJPA-2598] - Support SQL server Offset Fetch syntax for pagination



Dependency upgrade

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