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OpenJPA 3.2.x

The Apache OpenJPA community is currently mainly working on Apache OpenJPA 3.2.x.

This distribution is based on the final JSR 338 Java Persistence API, Version 2.2 specification.

Additional information on the OpenJPA project may be found at the project web site.

Changes in OpenJPA 3.2.2


  • [OPENJPA-2713] - [JPA-2.2] add support for Java8 Date/Time types


  • [OPENJPA-2900] - javax.xml.bind must be relocated to jakarta namespace

Changes in OpenJPA 3.2.1


  • [OPENJPA-2711] - [JPA-2.2] add ability to stream results
  • [OPENJPA-2714] - [JPA-2.2] allow AttributeConverters to support CDI injection
  • [OPENJPA-2715] - [JPA-2.2] updated persistence provider discovery mechanism to support Java9 modules


  • [OPENJPA-2614] - First rollback after application start does not work under certain circumstances
  • [OPENJPA-2670] - implement JPA-2.1 createEntityManager with SynchronizationType
  • [OPENJPA-2694] - Creating count(distinct x.field) fails when using CriteriaBuilder
  • [OPENJPA-2728] - Metamodel generation of entity or mapped superclass
  • [OPENJPA-2767] - Incomplete ValueMapDiscriminatorStrategy cache
  • [OPENJPA-2800] - StateManager field in enhanced entities are not "synthetic"
  • [OPENJPA-2806] - PESSIMISTIC_READ takes out exclusive lock on Postgres
  • [OPENJPA-2808] - SchemaTool action DROP doesn't drop Indexes created with @Index
  • [OPENJPA-2837] - HerdDBDictionary does not work with 'native' SchemaFactory (LazySchemaFactory) - set useSchemaName=false by default
  • [OPENJPA-2876] - running 'refresh' schema action creates wrong SQL output
  • [OPENJPA-2877] - [JPA-2.1] implement AttributeConverter
  • [OPENJPA-2882] - Exception passing javax.persistence.* String values to createEntityManager(Map)
  • [OPENJPA-2883] - UseTriggersForAutoAssign in Oracle seems to be broken
  • [OPENJPA-2888] - commons-dbcp2 bundle version defined in karaf features repository is not aligned with the actual version used by openjpa
  • [OPENJPA-2889] - commons-pool2 bundle version defined in karaf features repository is not aligned with the actual version used by openjpa
  • [OPENJPA-2890] - Use javax.persistence 2.2.0 in karaf features repository
  • [OPENJPA-2891] - @Generated annotation cannot be disabled for static metamodel
  • [OPENJPA-2896] - Automatic module name is not set for bundles


  • [OPENJPA-2875] - JPA Provider must filter out other JPA Providers
  • [OPENJPA-2881] - runtime exception in org.apache.openjpa.lib.meta.XMLMetaDataParser.parseNewResource
  • [OPENJPA-2893] - H2 2.x is not working with OpenJPA


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